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Our Fundraiser For You

Always Fresh, Always With a Smile

We believe that commencement is the most special time of year for all parties involved and we make it our goal to add to the beauty of the moment. With that in mind, we take pride in offering an all inclusive, hassle-free fundraising service to every institution that we work with. 

With our flower booth set up onsite, we are able to provide an easy and convenient opportunity for guests to purchase an arrangement that truly expresses their feelings for their graduate. Our colorful, floral bouquets are wrapped ahead of time allowing for a smooth process on the day of the ceremony. By arriving 2-3 hours before the ceremony begins we believe we can provide a flexible window for all guests to visit us at their convenience, whether it be before, during, or after the commencement ceremony.  

We prepare the bouquets, staff the table, handle all sales and at the conclusion return a percentage of the entire sales back to you! Truly, no strings attached. You are never on the hook for anything. We prepare and sell the bouquets, you receive the funds.

We are truly grateful to be included during graduation day and love staying until the end of the ceremony. Once the ceremony has wrapped up we will take care of any and all clean up duties.

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