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Why Choose Us?

We genuinely care about the organizations that we partner with!

AVID, PTA, Project Graduations, Safe and Sober Senior Parties, Booster Clubs - all of our partners have something in common; they exist to serve the greater good of the students and parents involved. We admire that and don't take your partnership for granted. We will always be extremely grateful to be able to support such honorable organizations!

We Provide an Enormous Convenience!

By working with us, not only will you receive a proceeds kickback from the sales but you will also be providing every grandparent, parent, sibling, and guest with a huge less stop and one less thing to worry about on the big day! By providing flowers on site you have effectively removed a stress factor from the senior parents and allowed them to enjoy what is truly special, their new graduate.

We started small and with a purpose.

As we started out a handful of years ago, we partnered with only 5 schools. Through direct communication we were able to learn what the schools liked and what they would prefer to see happen differently. Fast forward to spring of 2022 and we were fortunate enough to partner with 30+ schools. We are bringing the same intimate service with us as we continue to grow and serve more noble groups.

We won't be there for the wedding.

Commencement, we dare say, is potentially the biggest day of a graduate's life up until this point. Allow us to make it smoother and more memorable! We won't be there for the wedding, the job promotion, the birth of the child, or any of the other momentous days in the future but we can be there today, on graduation.

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